What is your favorite #nextcloud feature? What is your least favorite? And what's the most important thing missing?

FAV: File storage and sync between devices.

LEAST FAV: Bloat. I don't need this to be a word processor, drawing application, kitchen sink or whatever else #Nextcloud creates to attract new users. I need security and reliability.

WHAT IS MISSING: Can I auto delete? That is, I have a temporary folder that I dump things to share quickly between devices. Can I auto purge files after a month?


@sikkdays @nextcloud

I'm actually working on an app for Nextcloud that could fill your missing need. The idea is that you can upload a file into a drop and a public share link will be automatically created which can then be shared, then after a set time, the file and share link will be automatically deleted. Sort of like Firefox Send. It's nowhere near done though and I can't guarantee it ever will be.

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